How to Conduct a Mobile Eyelash Extension Business

You may be a fresh graduate who is passionate about making that extra coin to help you start over in life but do not have the capital to set up a formal eyelash extension business. This should not limit you as what you require are the skills and some basic tools. You can offer mobile services to clients where you will meet up with them at a destination of their choice.
To start you off:
• Carry only what you require for that client: You should be able to enquire form the client what exactly he needs you to do so that you carry only what is necessary. Ensure that everything you will need is packed before leaving your premises.
• Be creative: When you get to the client’s premises, check what you can improvise to make the client comfortable as you apply the eyelashes. You can use a bed, or even a couch to conduct the application. For a mobile business, comfort is not the key; the main focus should be delivery of quality services to make the client call you back again.
• Ensure there is proper lighting: it is good to carry your own HD daylighting just in case the client’s residence will not be adequately lit or you experience a shortage of power supply in the process. This will ensure that the eyelash extension application goes on without interruptions.
• Strategize when choosing a location: If you have different clients in the same town, you can organize to have them attended on the same day as this will save you travel expenses and also make it easier to organize your work. In doing this, you may discover that the clients will start booking in advance and in the end, you may even be able to set up a permanent base in such a locality.
A mobile business is risky as you sometimes do not know who is calling you. To be safe, always ask for the person who referred a new client to you. You can also make an effort of always letting a friend or relative know where you are going before traveling.