Laser hair removal treatment is the easiest and safest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal treatment has attained immense popularity among men and women. People rely on laser hair removal treatment for acquiring soft and smooth skin. In laser hair, removal treatment one will go through various sessions to get best results. Just like beauty treatments, laser hair removal treatments give people more confidence.

Earlier both men and women considered unwanted hair removal to be time-consuming and costly and even inconvenient. But due to the technological advancements, removal of unwanted hair has become easy, fast, reliable and convenient. Over the years, people have accepted laser hair removal treatment. Now for several years, laser hair removal treatment has been a popular choice for the removal of unwanted hairs on your body.


This process of removal of unwanted hair is very effective and safe as it goes through 4-6 sessions. It is a speedy process, which is safe and regulated. The process is carried out by well-trained professional experts and won’t make your body at risk.  They will be extremely careful in dealing with the treatment. You won’t encounter any damage to your cells. In that case, you need not have to risk yourself in cutting yourself by other methods like waxing, shaving, plucking, tweezing and much more. The best in the business can be found at: http://www.laserhairremovalogden.com/


In other methods like waxing, plucking or shaving, you may experience pain. But in laser hair removal treatment, you need not have to worry about pain. So you will be provided with a comfortable environment when you are under treatment. So laser hair removal treatment is painless and doesn’t take too much of time. But if you got a sensitive skin, you will feel discomfort at first and gradually you will feel relaxed and comfortable.


Hair follicles get shocked with heat during the laser hair removal treatment. It kills the hair at the root. But only if you go through 4-6 sessions, your hair will get permanently removed.  Additional skin protection is also provided by the laser hair removal clinics through cooling systems where the skin is subjected to cold air. Unwanted hair doesn’t affect only women but also men. Laser hair removal treatment has gained much popularity among men too.

You need to go for several consultations before you fix a clinic. Make sure you ask the following questions to the laser specialists:


  • Time duration
  • Cost of the treatment
  • Number of sessions required
  • Certifications of the clinic
  • Guarantees
  • Usage of technologically advanced equipment’s


The best part of the laser hair removal treatment is that unwanted hairs on any part of the body can be cured by multiple sessions. That is the reason why people are depending on laser treatments. Laser hair removal treatment can be used on any part of the body, which you are able to see externally. Through laser hair removal treatment, 90% of unwanted hair growth can be permanently removed.


Laser hair removal treatment always starts off with the application of anesthetic gel on the particular area to be treated. Always pick the best-reputed and professional Laser hair removal clinic with professional laser specialists handling the most advanced technological tools. You should be cautious about the price and how experienced the laser specialists are in the clinic you have chosen.


Never be an experiment for unqualified and unprofessional laser specialists. If an unqualified laser specialist handles your body, you will have a bad experience and will end up in spending lots of money till the treatment gets completed. It requires careful observation and research while choosing the most efficient laser hair removal treatment clinic.

Safe Ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

We all know the importance of gluing lash extensions, the proper way. Done right, they take the beauty of your eyes to a new plane. But all good things need to come to an end. The same goes for eyelash extensions. After a certain time, they are going to look awkward and need to be taken off. Like your normal eyelashes, all would not fall at the same time thereby you are bound to face a strange transition period when you will boast of an unsightly mix of your short natural lashes and few long misplaced stragglers hanging on.

At this stage, you can visit the eyelash extension studio for a fresh work or you might try removing them at home. It, however, needs to be done carefully as a wrong move might cause irreparable damage to your original and true lashes. Let’s look at some of the top ways to remove them easily at home.

Remove them by natural way of steam and oil

If you are looking for a safe and stress-free method of eyelash extensions removal, nothing beats this easy DIY natural method. This method targets the glue that holds the extensions to the eyelash and loosens them so that the extensions fall off seamlessly. For it:

  • Eliminate any kind of eye makeup as well as impurities using a gentle cleanser. Next splash your face with clean normal water to get it squeaky clean.
  • Next, boil a large bowl of water in a microwave or stove till it starts to give off steam.
  • Now place this bowl of water in a convenient place carefully. Take a towel. Place your head over the bowl keeping a decent distance and cover both your head and bowl with the towel.
  • Now let your face and eyelashes steam for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will loosen the glue of the extensions.
  • Now you can either use a cotton pad or a Q-tip for precise application. You need to dip them in organic olive oil or coconut oil and then gently swipe it along your lash line. Because of the loosening of the glue, the extensions will naturally slide off.
  • Repeat the entire procedure if required to eliminate all extensions.
  • Rinse your face well with lukewarm water to wash away any excess oil.
  • Finish off by applying hydrating face oil or a moisturizer to your skin and lashes to nurture them to a healthy state.

In the entire process, you need to be careful that you are not plucking any extensions as that might make your natural lashes come off. Let them fall naturally or come off on the cotton pad. If you still find some stubborn ones persisting, it’s best to remove them professionally.

Use an eyelash extension remover

Today, you can easily find professional grade eyelash extension remover. Remember to read the reviews and choose the best product as you do not wish to harm your eyelashes with subpar products. They normally tend to burn or irritate the skin. For it:

  • First, stick the under eye-pads on to your bottom lashes correctly.
  • Next, take out the two micropore brush applicators. Squeeze out the removing gel liquid on the micro- brush heads till they become saturated.
  • Now, keeping your eyes closed, run the micro brush in a downward motion via sweeping or brushing strokes. Avoid rubbing the lash line and take care that the solution does not enter the eye. In case it happens, flush it immediately with cold water.
  • Wait for the stipulated time and using the other saturated and clean micro brush head, brush downwards gently to see the extensions flake away.
  • Once all the extensions have fallen off, wipe your eyes gently with an eye makeup remover to eliminate all residues.
  • Finally, brush your natural eyelashes using a clean spoolie band or a clean mascara wand.

Wrapping up

While these are quite easy and safe methods to remove eyelash extensions at home, you can easily take the help of a professional artist if you are not feeling confident. They can remove it with minimal pain and least chance of causing damage to your natural eyelashes.

We do Massage too!

  9 Important Considerations to Make Your Massage Session Great.

After a long and torturous day, nothing soothes the body, mind, and spirit like a good massage. Not only does it relax the body but also reduces stress, helps lower blood pressure, builds up the body’s immune system and improves blood circulation. For the best possible experience, this is what massage therapists would have you know and do.

Arrive on time.

Well, therapists run tight schedules. When you come in late you simply reduce your massage time. To be safe, come in about fifteen minutes before the appointment time. This gives you enough time to prepare. You can go to the bathroom, take a shower, relieve yourself and be set on time. And don’t be carried away by the comfort that you forget to leave on time after the session.



Massage therapists like it when their clients are part of the process. Feel free to speak out. If too much pressure is applied that it hurts, say it. If the towels or stones are overly hot, mention it. Just about anything you are uncomfortable with, the therapist will be glad to adjust appropriately. Yet avoid directing the therapist how to do their work. It’s an unwelcome meddling.

Avoid drugs.

Coming for a massage under the influence of alcohol or other types of drugs is unethical and might even be hazardous to the health of the therapist. To your disadvantage, you may not get quality service.

Don’t put on strong-scented perfumes.

Please spare the therapist’s lungs. Some perfumes, creams and lotions have so strong scents that they can choke or irritate the nose. Imagine exposing the therapist to such for more than half an hour as they massage you. It’s inconsiderate. Again, some people are simply allergic to some scents. As much, even if you may fancy your perfume, just stay away from it on appointment day.

Mind your health.

If you feel sick, please reschedule your appointment. Massage is known to worsen certain conditions such as cold or a virus. You need to protect yourself. Moreover, some sicknesses may be contagious. Just keep off to avoid passing the disease to others.

That aside, if you have any change in your medical condition or health issues arising from injuries or surgeries which arose after your last appointment let your therapist know before beginning the session. This may occasion alteration of some procedures taking into account your previous experience.

Avoid heavy foods before the session.

Going into a massage on a full stomach will make the experience very uncomfortable. To avoid this, do not take a heavy meal two hours before the massage. Remember, you will be lying on your stomach for quite some time as the therapist massages your back. And, having to lie in such a position with a full stomach won’t be pleasant.

Drink enough water post-massage.

Just like an ordinary workout, massage dehydrates the muscles and the body in general. To rehydrate your body and restore normal water balance you will need to take water before the session begins. Also, metabolic waste is produced by the muscles during massage. Therefore it is necessary to drink water to wash it away and also allow the kidneys to remove the wastes effectively. You don’t want to request for a glass of water in between the session as this will be disruptive not only for you but for the therapist as well.

Remind yourself to breathe.

Unconsciously, we find ourselves holding our breath during the massage, yet oxygen is very much needed in the blood to supply the already tensed muscles. Therefore remind yourself to breath hard and deep. Simply relax and enjoy every bit of it and don’t hold your breath.

Put away your phone.

Phones are important gadgets, but they can be objects of distraction. Either switch it off or set it to silent mode. Most massage sessions are just an hour long so just dedicate that one hour to nothing else but ripping the whole benefits of massage.

Wrapping up

Your massage therapist will to a great extent treat you based on how you present yourself. Most importantly, keep time and communicate where need be.